Relationship Coaching

Build a Strong Loving Relationship With Your Partner

You don’t have to stay caught in an endless cycle of hurt, anger and disappointment.

Are you?
  • Feeling hurt because trying to talk to your partner usually ends in an argument or a brooding silence?
  • Feeling lonely in a relationship that was once close and intimate?
  • Frustrated that no matter how hard you try, your relationship doesn’t work out the way you want it to.
  • Struggling with busy schedules that result in not enough time together, too little affection, and a lack of fun?
  • Experiencing constant tension over money, household chores, parenting, or sex?
  • Feeling devastated after having discovered that your partner is having an affair?

The most common problem for couples is that they simply don’t understand each other and don’t know how to communicate effectively.

Many couples do not feel heard or understood by one another.

If you’re like most couples having trouble, you have developed and become stuck in ineffective and destructive patterns of communication and interaction. These patterns are understandable and surprisingly predictable. I can help you understand your old destructive patterns of interaction and help you develop new skills so that you can both become more loving caring and effective partners.

With Relationship Coaching, There is Hope.

A Skilled Relationship Coach or Couples Therapist Can Help You Turn Your Relationship Around, Often More Quickly Than You Think.

Don’t despair! There is hope for your relationship. As a therapist with specialised training in relationship counselling and coaching, I can help you build a strong, healthy loving relationship with your partner. Whether you are in the middle of a crisis or struggling with a difficult transition in your relationship I can help.

This is going to require some work from you and your partner, but having a highly trained and objective third party coaching you through the process makes it possible for both of you to emerge from a difficult situation, feeling more intimate and committed than you imagined was possible.

Couples coaching and therapy can help you build an atmosphere of trust, safety and openness in your relationship. You will discover how to respond effectively even when your partner does or says something that is infuriating and frustrating! You will develop relationship skills to effectively negotiate problems and issues that are a normal part of any relationship. This will stop the endless cycle of arguments or distancing that likely characterises your relationship. Instead, you will discover how to respond to one another in loving and caring ways.

As a relationship coach, I have helped couples rekindle loving relationships and create satisfying lives together, even when they had all but given up hope.

Some of the benefits of Relationship Coaching:

  • Discover how to talk to your partner so that he or she can listen to you.
  • Resolve conflict and create harmony.
  • Have fun again with your partner and revive the initial spark that brought the two of you together.
  • Co-create the close and intimate relationship that you long for.
  • Develop understanding and acceptance of your differences and build on the areas that you have in common.
  • If you have children, become better parents and create a home life that feels nurturing and safe for everyone.

Is your relationship a safe harbour? Is it a place that will support you, while at the same time safely challenging you to grow and mature? It can be.

Many couples wait too long before seeking help. Don’t make the same mistake.

Please Note! Ben has a waiting list, and won’t be adding to that list for at least another five or six weeks.

Contact Ben today on 06 833 6555 or e-mail Ben to start the process of creating a better relationship.